About the Tribal Building Construction Office:

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians operate a Tribal Building Construction Department to manage construction of new facilities and renovation of existing.  The Tribal Building Construction Department is not to be confused with the Tribal Construction Department.  Tribal Construction Department works mainly to repair and construct new water and waste water treatment infrastructure, along with earth moving and site development.

Tribal Building Construction is a project management office that implements the construction work for the Tribe’s projects.  That would include working from design and development to construction.  Tribal Building Construction makes determinations to use internal resources like Tribal Construction, Cherokee Department of Transportation, and Tribal Engineering Survey and Design.  Should internal resources be unable to implement the project, advertising the project to external architects, engineers and general contractors would be the next step.

Tribal Building Construction works with all Tribal departments to complete projects in an efficient manner.  Should you have questions about projects in progress, future projects, or Tribal Building Construction operations please contact our offices. Tribal Building Construction is managed by the Director of Natural Resources and Construction.  The Director is supervised by the Deputy Officer of Operations.  The Deputy Officer of Operations is directed by the Principal Chief.