Job Opportunities



 The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has the following positions open:


*Please attach all the required documents to your application. (Eg: Drivers License, HS Diploma, GED, Enrollment documents, etc). If these are not attached to application it will be considered INCOMPLETE.*

Closing October 9, 2015 @ 4 pm

  1. Plumber– HELP ($36,560-$45,700)
  2. Maintenance Utility– Facility Management ($23,040-$28,800)
  3. Student Support Professional– Tribal Education ($40,080-$50,100)



Closing October 2, 2015 @ 4pm

  1. Assistant Manager– Transit ($43,920-$54,900)
  2. Business Committee Administrative Clerk– Legal ($25,200-$31,500)
  3. Capital & Contracts Specialist– Budget & Finance ($33,280-$41,600)




Open Until Filled

  1. EMT-P (Part-time) – EMS
  2. Teacher– Tribal Child Care
  3. Teacher Assistant– Tribal Child Care
  4. Attorney General/Deputy Legal Counsel 
  5. Teen Unit & Media Supervisor– CYC
  6. Detention Officer– CIPD
  7. Family Support Coordinator– Tribal Child Care
  8. Fiscal Grants Manager– Tribal Child Care
  9. Behavioral Specialist– Tribal Child Care
  10. Disabilities Coordinator– Tribal Child Care

Public Human & Health Services 

The following positions are OPEN UNTIL FILLED:

  1.  C.N.A.– Tsali Care Center ($23,040-$28,800)
  2. Nurse Home Visitor– Cherokee Choices/Nurse Family Partnership ($43,920-$54,900)
  3. Nurse Supervisor– Cherokee Choices/Nurse Family Partnership ($48,000-$60,000)
  4. Social Worker– Family Safety (2 Positions)($40,080-$50,100)
  5. Data Entry Clerk– Tribal Commodities ($25,200-$31,500)
  6. Distribution Representative– Tribal Commodities ($40,080-$50,100)
  7. Housekeeper– Tsali Care Center ($19,120-$23,900)
  8. Staff RN– Tsali Care Center ($43,920-$54,900)
  9. Cook Aide– Tsali Care Center (2 Positions) ($19,120-$23,900)
  10. Receptionist– PHHS ($23,040-$28,800)
  11. Director of Nursing– Tsali Care Center ($68,480-$85,600)
  12. CHR– CHR (Snowbird) ($20,960-$26,200)

Indian Preference does apply and a current job application must be submitted for each position applied for.

Please attach all the required documents to your application. (Eg: Drivers License, HS Diploma, GED, Enrollment documents, etc) If the required documents are not attached, the application will be classified as INCOMPLETE.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a Tribal application.

Applications may be addressed and mailed to

E.B.C.I. Employment Department

PO Box 553

Cherokee, NC 28719.

As a friendly reminder this is the official mailing address of the Employment Department.

If you have any questions regarding the employment process or having trouble accessing the job descriptions or application call 554-6388.

The Employment staff wishes you  much success in your employment endeavors.