Housing Services

Home Buyer Services

Mortgage Packaging

Applicants should bring their enrollment information and current financial data. In addition, the 911 address of the applicant is required along with the mailing address. Housing staff will pull credit reports, and all information on the application will be verified. Once this is done the applicant will be apprised as to the maximum amount for which he/she is eligible. The applicant may then begin the exciting task of selecting the type of house he/she wants: modular or stick-built.

Down Payment Assistance Program

To further home-ownership opportunities, the HCD has determined that any tribal member qualifying for a loan from a financial institution will be assisted with 20% down payment funds not to exceed $20,000 and may within this amount also be provided a “buy-down” of the offered interest rate. The down payment assistance (DPA) is a loan from the Eastern Band of Cherokee

Indians Tribal Housing Program, administered by and through the HCD Department, for construction of a new house or purchase of an existing home.


Portfolio Lending Program

The HCD has established a special lending initiative to assist non-bankable and/or higher risk potential borrowers. The department will target first-time home buyers. Interest rates will be based on credit risk and may be set annually or periodically. The HCD will make loan decisions based on pr-established lending criteria.


Transitional Housing Services

The Transitional Housing Services Program provides short-term housing for tribal members and their dependents who experience temporary homelessness due to unforeseen disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Selections for occupancy are determined by need and individual circumstances of the family. There is a mandatory screening process and self-sufficiency program participation is required.