Executive Branch

Principal Chief Michell Hicks

Vice Chief Larry Blythe

  • Elected popularly for four year terms
  • Responsible for day to day operations
  • Offices located in the Tribal Council House


Legislative Branch

Tribal Council

Chairman Jim Owle, Birdtown

Vice Chairman Bill Taylor, Wolfetown

Big Cove Representative Bo Taylor

Big Cove Representative Perry Shell

Birdtown Representative Tunney Crowe

Cherokee County/Snowbird Diamond Brown

Cherokee County/Snowbird Adam Wachacha

Painttown Representative Terri Henry

Painttown Representative Tommye Saunooke

Wolfetown Representative Michael Parker

Yellowhill Representative David Wolfe

Yellowhill Representative Alan Ensley

  • Elected by districts for two year terms
  • Responsible for establishing laws for the Qualla Boundary
  • Meets the first Thursday of each month at the Tribal Council House



Supreme Court Justice

Tribal Criminal Court

Tribal Civil Court

  • Justices appointed by Tribal Council upon recommendation of Executive Branch
  • All Judges and Justices must be members in good standing of the NC Bar Association
  • Tribal Court maintains a monthly schedule of sessions

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