Public Libraries

Qualla Boundary/Snowbird Public Libraries



Library Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8am-7pm

Wednesday 8am-5pm

Friday 7:45am-4:30pm


Mission Statement

The focus for the Qualla Boundary/Snowbird Library is to provide the residents of the community with access to books and other resources and services for education, information, cultural enrichment and entertainment.

Services Offered

Provide library services for the residents of the Qualla Boundary and Snowbird communities.   Promote youth reading through the Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Asheville Tourist Base ball team in collaboration with the Cherokee Youth Center and local child care facilities.  Digitizing and archiving old issues of the Cherokee One Feather and other historical documents in conjunction with the Cherokee Museum.

Qualla Boundary Staff

Robin D. Swayney, | Program Manager | | (828) 497-1762

Tracy R. Swimmer, | Library Assistant | |  (828) 497-8143

Carmen D. Owle, Library Aide | (828) 497-8144

Library Front Desk | (828) 497-1764

Fax (828) 497-1763

Snowbird Library Staff:

Alice Lewis, Manager | |  828 554-6970

Zena Rattler, Library Aide | | 828 554-6971

Paige Gross, Library Aide | | 828 554-6970