Kituwah Preservation & Education

Kituwah Preservation & Education Program

Services Offered

1. Immersion: The first component is Early Childhood Education, which currently serves over 75 children ages 7 months to seven years.  This program is licensed through the NC Division of Health and Human Services, Division of Child Development.  Currently New Kituwah holds a four-star license with the state.  The second component is Elementary Education, which currently has four classrooms, kindergarten, 1st 2nd and 3rd  grades.  New Kituwah Academy [Elementary] is an independent school of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.


2. Community Based Language Programs: Providing language resources to the community, area schools and individuals. These resources include: translations, language curriculum, training, access to equipment, and online resources.

3. Cultural Resources: Provide cultural and historical interpretation to the public, universities, and schools. Maintain, develop and promote the Junaluska Memorial Site and Museum and serve as liaisons to the Snowbird Community in areas of language and culture.


Renissa Walker, Manager

Telephone (828) 554-6410   Fax (828) 497-0328


Mail:  PO Box 486, Cherokee, NC 28719

Gilliam Jackson, Kituwah Academy Administrator      554-6404

Martha Ledford, Early Childhood Supervisor    554-6402

Cynthia Grant, Community Language Supervisor    554-6403

T.J. Holland, Cultural Resources Supervisor  554-4727