Tribal Planning

Tribal Planning

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan for the EBCI Office of Planning and Development is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This plan is rewritten every five years with the Tribal Planning Board serving as the CEDS Planning Committee.  The Plan is crafted according to the guidelines established by the Economic Development Administration, and establishes Priority Projects to be addressed over the five-year planning period. Once approved by the EDA, the Tribe qualifies for an EDA Planning Grant of $145,500 over three years to assist the Tribe in its goals as established in CEDS.

Strategic Planning is a systematic process of making decisions in such a way that unknown factors are minimized; organizing the effort to carry out those decisions; and measuring the results of the decisions against predetermined goals.  The Strategic Plan serves as the framework for decisions, establishes priorities, and provides a basis for more detailed planning by departments and individuals.  It also assists in monitoring performance, stimulates change, and ultimately becomes a building block for next plan.

Tribal Planning & the Site Review Process

As development on the Qualla Boundary continues, Tribal Planning focuses its skills and talents to gather and analyze various types of information to assist the Executive Office, the Tribal Planning Board, and the Tribal Council plan for the Boundary’s future. The Department is responsible for the preparation of master plans for review by the Planning Board and approval by Tribal Council. Additionally, the staff also reviews proposed developments to see that they conform to Tribal laws, plans and policies through the Site Review Process.

Projects that require a site review include ground disturbing projects of one acre or more; commercial/institutional projects, and multifamily residential projects. For complete information on the site review, please see the attached PDF of the Site Development Review brochure.

Site Development Review Brochure PDF